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Metro Industries, Inc.


"The art of keeping power in its rightful place"


Metro Indutries is a Helena, Alabama based company that specializes in manufacturing Corona Rings and other Aluminum products.


Corona rings are used primarily as a control, or grading component, in the electrical utility industry for high voltage applications such as switches, substation bus hardware, and dead end assemblies on transmission lines.

Such ring devices of various sizes and configurations act to reduce radio and television inteference which is a direct result of corona, a phenomenon created when the potential of a conductor in the air is raised to such a value that the dielectric strength of the surrounding air is exceeded.

The quality workmanship and materials Metro produce guarantee proper functioning of the rings. Since the 1960's Metro has manufactured hundreds of thousands of Corona Rings with over 2000 different designs as well as other Aluminum products for the industry.

Aluminun & Steel Bending
Aluminum & Steel Bending
Corona Rings
Corona Rings
Aluminum Truss Bus
Aluminum Truss Bus


The manufacturing facilities at Metro offer you the following advantages:

  • Ability to bend bus in-house rather than on the job site with dies to bend up to 6 inch pipe size at various radii.
  • A-frames (tap and main connectors) produced in-house.
  • Complete line of aluminum and copper connector plates and L-pads.
  • Aluminum and galvanized steel brackets and braces.
  • NEMA pads.
  • UABC angle.
  • IWCB web bus ventilated.
  • Certified MIG and TIG welding.
If you would like more information about what Metro Industries can do for you, e-mail, or call any of the numbers listed below. We look forward to serving you.